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GSoC 2020 - Week 5

Key highlights of this week’s work are:

  • Adds cdir parameter to handle series expansions on branch cuts

    • Finally, after spending almost 2 weeks on this, we were able to merge the PR, adding a very important functionality of series expansions on the branch cuts to the codebase. Previously, either SymPy raised some error or the series expansion was computed incorrectly, when the value in the input was on the branch cut. But now, for most of the functions, the expansion produced is correct.

      Not only this, we added the cdir parameter to leadterm and as_leading_term functions as well. We even extended the functionality a bit to the limits module, so now, limits of values lying on the branch cuts of a function are also computed correctly in most cases.

      We are planning to extend this functionality to all the remaining special functions and wherever else possible to make the codebase even more robust.

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